June 19, 2015

Black Vincent: Teardrop Deluxe

photo: Jennifer Kennedy

Singer Coley Kennedy is looking for closure with his new project Black Vincent. The former leader of Chicago indie band Welcome To Ashley entered the studio clutching a stack of songs about heartbreak, exposing his all grief, anger and memories about the end of his relationship.

Taking cues from the classics (Roy Orbison, Chris Isaac) he leads his band through the maze of his confusion. Teardrop Deluxe is a sad and depressing record that is lifted just a bit from the depths of Hell by the lush musical arrangements. It's the equivalent of really stiff drink that is both numbing and soothing.

Black Vincent:
Coley Kennedy: voice
Justin Collins: guitars, keys, vocals
Pete Javier: guitars
Scott Collins: guitars, vocals
Jeremy Barrett: bass
Adam Landry: drums, keys
Kim Collins: vocals, toms

Teardrop Deluxe is a self-released album. Buy it from the band's website.

  1. Lonely and Blue
  2. Stacy Main
  3. When We Was Young
  4. Friends With Motorcycles
  5. Sad Deep Inside
  6. It's All Too Much
  7. Smilin' Jim Is Down Again
  8. Her Love
  9. Gone

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