May 18, 2015

Palvine: Folie à Deux

German-Dutch indie duo Palvine consists of Kassandra Papak (vocals/violin) and Tim Coehoorn (guitar). Their debut full-length Folie à Deux is a study in sparse intensity. Papak has mastered the art of pizzicato and Coehoorn alternates between rhythm and lead guitar without missing a beat.

Don't let the gentle vocals fool you. They pack a punch despite wearing velvet gloves. There's more anger in the first eight lines of Averse than most putdown songs that you know. Palvine can paint a full-colour picture with just two instruments and vocals. The jazzy pop But I Want To is a prime example of their less-is-more approach and the shuffling menace lurking the back beat of Nothing To Take Fright shoot by shortlisted for inclusion in David Lynch's forthcoming Twin Peaks project.

Folie à Deux is a self-released album. Buy it from their website. The CD version comes in a handmade art book.

  1. Calvi
  2. Bide
  3. White Lights
  4. Averse
  5. But I Want To
  6. Taen
  7. The Village
  8. Nothing To Take Fright
  9. This Path
  10. Ghosts Of Music


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