May 07, 2015

Marco Minnemann: new album "Celebration"

Eclectic drummer Marco Minneman has a new album coming out. Celebration is more metal than its predecessor Eeps. All per usual he played all the instruments. The album (first 1,000 signed) will be released thru Lazy Bones Recordings and available for pre-order.

  1. Miami
  2. Celebration
  3. It Always Seems
  4. March of the Living Dead
  5. How Can I Help You?
  6. What Have You Done?
  7. Greatest Gift of Life
  8. Print Club
  9. Ugly Sunrise
  10. Everyone Likes A Rainbow (Spanish)
  11. Have A Great 3015
  12. Thoughts Take Shape
  13. Everyone Likes A Rainbow (English)
  14. Eclipse
  15. Amina's Birthday
  16. Better Place
  17. The Darkness Within You (Exclusive CD Bonus Track)
  18. After Sundown (Exclusive pre-order track)


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