May 22, 2015

EDGER: Rudiments

photo: Ellen Lawson

Minneapolis rock trio EDGER don't give a fuck about sounding clean. Their EP Rudiments is a warts-and-all tribute to bands bashing out their self-penned tunes in garages and sheds. With tons of leakage, dissonants, off-key vocals and stray notes their tear through six shoe-tapping songs. Props to Mike Wisti at Albatross Studio in Minneapolis who kept the live energy intact and realized that mistakes can sound great. Power pop mixed with a DIY punk attitude.

Justin Lawson: guitar, vocals
Nate Bartley: drums
Scott Hefte: bass

Rudiments will be released on June 10 via Land Ski Records.

  1. Victory Gin
  2. Noose
  3. Primadons
  4. Cautious Optimist
  5. Holy Armour
  6. Domestication

Live date:
  • 06/10 Turf Club, Saint Paul, MN
    (w/ Middlepicker, Panther Ray, The Persian Leaps)

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