April 14, 2015

Monty Python + Stephen Hawking: "Galaxy Song" for Record Store Day

Monty Python have made video for Professor Stephen Hawking's rendition of the Galaxy Song. It is released as a 7" single for Record Store Day (April 18th), with the original version on the B-side. Digital via iTunes.

“Galaxy Song” was previously included on the 1989 album “Monty Python Sings”, and included in the 2014 reissue of the album, “Monty Python Sings (again)”, in its original form - sung by Eric Idle - to coincide with Monty Python’s record breaking “Monty Python Live (mostly) – One Down Five to Go” run of 10 live shows at The O2, London. On film during the live shows, Professor Brian Cox berated the scientific inaccuracy of the “Galaxy Song” lyrics before Professor Stephen Hawking knocked him to the ground. Hawking then began reciting the “Galaxy Song” lyrics as he lifted off to journey through outer space. It is this unique rendition of “Galaxy Song” which is now available as a single.

Galaxy Song was first performed in the The Meaning of Life movie and included on the soundtrack album.

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