April 21, 2015

Merry Go Round: Do You Wanna Be Mine?

Amsterdam band Merry Go Round are young quartet who are into Britpop in general and The Beatles in particular. Their debut single Do You Wanna Be Mine? is a dynamic track pushed forward by a relay of guitar and keyboards, with a nifty chorus as the icing on the cake. The vocals could use a bit more power, but give them two more years or so and they can go places.

Merry Go Round:
Sjaak Thissen: bass, vocals
Titus Verster: guitar
Jurian van der Hoeven: keys
Rafael Mulder: drums

Do You Wanna Be Mine? will be released thru Fourtwenty Records. Release date: May 19th. Pre-order from iTunes (digital) or the label (physical).

Live dates:
  • 04/21 De Heeren Van Aemstel (free show), Amsterdam
  • 05/06 Studio K, Amsterdam
  • 05/15 Merry Go Round @ CC Muziekcafe, Amsterdam

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