March 07, 2015

Van Dammes: Better Than Sex

Finnish punk rock band Van Dammes have been working hard on their sound. Their debut EP was marred by off-key vocals, but practice (and filters) took care of that. Their second stab at fame is called Better Than Sex, which might explain why not all the songs are about trying to connect with the fairer sex. Stand-out track At the Drive-In however is very much so, all 76 seconds of Ramones inspired garage surf mayhem of them. The new single Vesna (Flash in the Night) tells the story of Vesna Vulović, who holds the world record for surviving the highest fall without a parachute.

Van Dammes:
Ilkka Hildén: bass
Markus Kujawa: synth, vocals
Jussi Roine: drums
Juho Talja: guitar, vocals

Better Than Sex is released thru VILD Recordings.

  1. Vesna (Flash in the Night)
  2. At the Drive-In
  3. Frank Tower
  4. I Don't Know

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