March 02, 2015

Thirty Pounds of Bone:The Taxidermist

photo: Ben Atkins
BEST OF 2015

Folkie and multi-instrumentalist Johny Lamb set up shop in a cellar somewhere in Cornwall to record The Taxidermist, his fourth album as Thirty Pounds of Bone. A taxidermist captures time when he prepares a dead animal. When Lamb read a book on the subject, the resemblance of making an album struck him. Finished recordings are frozen in time too.

He went in at the deep end using analog synths to soften the blow of his vengeful lyrics, going all out in angry shoegaze mood for songs like The Expelled and using vaudevillian rock for Pasganger, Or The Wagon. Lamb thrives when his voice is a couple of notches above a whisper in the neo-psychedelic despair of Before I’m Done and All Your Sons. Quiet desperation is indeed the English way.

The Taxidermist is released thru Armellodie Records on heavyweight (180 gram) black vinyl. Release date: March 23rd. Pre-order from their website.

  1. The Glass of an Iris
  2. Ribbon
  3. Two Birds in the Brine
  4. Before I’m Done
  5. All Your Sons
  6. The Expelled
  7. Your Walk
  8. Pasganger, Or The Wagon
  9. As You Held Me
  10. I’ll Go Too

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