March 17, 2015

Moses Mo: crowdfunding "2 Ton Message" solo album

Mother Finest guitarist Moses Mo is crowdfunding his new solo album 2 Ton Message via Indiegogo. The album will be released in various formats, all of them housed in full size album cover art:

There are a variety of ways to supply listeners with music. There are many distributors with offers to provide downloads, CDs, USBs, and Vinyl. My idea is to offer the album art work and you decide the format you would like to receive the music. All packages will come with a full size album jacket just like in the old days. I think every band should use old school album jackets and we could hang them on the wall and enjoy!

Listen to two tracks from the album: All The Time and Can't Have Nothin'.

» Moses Mo - 2 Ton Message on Facebook

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