March 14, 2015

Hey Mandible: The Arse

BEST OF 2015

Hey Mandible, a psychedelic noise rock trio out of Jacksonville, FL, have captured boredom and angst an their new full-length The Arse. They have a beef with pretty much everybody and everything - women, kids, religion - and are trying to smother their dislikes with howling feedback and distortion. It could have resulted into an album filled with flat sounding, brickwalled songs, but they have a good ear for dynamics, hooks and slow moving melody lines.

Being a trio implicates an less is more approach, using shifting time signatures within songs to spice things up and using the bass as a second lead guitar. Queens of the Stone Age meets Dinosaur Jr. Hey Mandible uses their album to conjure up an eclipse in the sunshine state. It sure as hell will scare the shit out of retired folks who populate the bingo halls and golf courses in Florida.

Hey Mandible:
Travis Taylor: guitar, vocals
Mike Easters: bass, vocals
Kevin Roberts: drums, vocals

The Arse will be released on green vinyl (500 copies) by Fort Lowell Records and Infintesmal Records. Release date: March 31. Full stream on 3hive.

  1. Supernovetone
  2. Calypso Twist
  3. Human Ape
  4. Toke
  5. Bitten By The Bone
  6. It Figures
  7. Missing Monet
  8. Wicked
  9. Found The Lord
  10. Kids


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