March 07, 2015

Baby Scream: Fan, Fan, Fan / The Worst Of ...

After releasing his Greatest Failures in 2014 the usually very prolific Juan Pablo Mazzola of Argentinian power pop project Baby Scream went silent for a while, safe for the release of the double A-side single Haters Will Hate b/w I Don't Wanna Wake Up From This Dream. Turns out that he has been extremely busy sifting through his stash of 200 unrecorded songs with his long time friend Nick Schinder to pick the tracks for two albums: Fan, Fan, Fan and The Worst Of ... available as a 2CD set and two separate downloads.

Baby Scream:
Juan Pablo Mazzola: vocals, electric guitar, lead guitar
Tiago Galindez: bass
Nick Schinder: backing vocals, Hammond organ
Claudio Salas: drums

Fan, Fan, Fan
Short and sweet angry songs, that's what Fan, Fan, Fan is about. Mazzola is a loner on this one, at odds with the world who can't get over the fact that people are being stupid. A lot of the songs were written while he was living in Germany. Although he was welcomed he never quite fit in and felt homesick. "I am a loner, I am a loser, everything is fucked up in my world // No one loves me, no one cares, no one gives a fuck about my words". Odds are that he is the protagonist in the orchestrated neo-glam rocker A Human Being On Mars.

Mazzola paints a bleask picture. By contrast the songs are wrapped in technicolor neo-psychedelica.

Fan, Fan, Fan is a self-released album. Buy it from their website.

  1. Everybody Sucks
  2. Back To Douche
  3. Loner
  4. Cheap Perfume
  5. A Human Being On Mars
  6. Captain Hook
  7. Haters Will Hate
  8. Just For A While
  9. The Girl Next Door
  10. The Kitty Song
  11. I Don't Wanna Wake Up From This Dream
  12. Blue In Berlin

The Worst Of ...
Despite its title this isn't another "best of" as such. Unlike it's companion it lacks an overall theme. It's a grab bag of 22 originals plus five covers including a couple of previously versions of TV theme songs). Mazzola dips his toes into lounge jazz (My New Dope), throws in hard rock riffs (Overdosed) and pays tribute to the Kinks and Big Star in a single swoop (This Fucked Up World).

Getting through twenty-seven songs will put off most listeners, but you will find new favorites each time you pop into player. Obvious stand-outs like the fuzzy Wake Up Call and the catchy Words Like Knives will pave the way to the lonesome Weltschmerz of Car (Upon The Stars).

The Worst Of ... is a self-released album. Buy it from their website.

  1. Mistake
  2. Pieces Of Me
  3. Unicorns
  4. As Long As It Hurts (I'm Fine)
  5. Shooting Stars
  6. My Very Last Mistake
  7. This Fucked Up World
  8. Overdosed
  9. Car (Upon The Stars)
  10. Politicians R Bullies
  11. In A Picture
  12. Wake Up Call
  13. The Sounds Of Clacks
  14. Tear After Tear
  15. Words Like Knives
  16. Sparks
  17. Sparks (Acoustic)
  18. My New Dope
  19. Beers And Public Buildings
  20. Xmas Tree (All Pain Is Left Behind)
  21. Ice Cream Man Theme Song
  22. Flirting With Disaster / Beatles Medley
  23. 20th Century Baby (T. Rex cover)
  24. The Concept (Teenage Fanclub cover)
  25. I'll Be There For You (The Rembrandts cover)
  26. Cruella de Vil (From the motion picture "101 Dalmatians")
  27. Scooby Doo Theme Song (From the tv series "Scooby Doo, Where Are You?")

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