March 09, 2015

All The King's Daughters: Because I Wanted To

Sisters Nina and Laura Philips are All The King's Daughters, a duo from Haarlem, The Netherlands. While most singer-songwriter duos rely on their voices and an acoustic guitar as their instruments of choice for their songs, they have added piano, upright bass, strings and sitar on their debut EP Because I Wanted To. Their classical music school training comes to the fore in their luscious harmonies and call-and-response vocals.

Because I Wanted To is a soft knock on the door to wider recognition. It's a throwback to the late Sixties UK folk mixed with 21st Century pop. They may sound subdued and innocent, but their lyrics proof that they can tell a guy to bugger off without raising their voices.

Because I Wanted To is a self-released EP. Buy it from their website or iTunes.

  1. Because I Wanted To
  2. One Stitch at a Time
  3. Lonesome Man
  4. Liar
  5. The Dreamer

They are preparing a Unique Boutique POP-UP Tour through the Netherlands, playing pop-up concerts in unique (preferably vintage or secondhand) stores. They will be performing in the UK in April.


(Cover art photo: Kimiko Goodings)

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