February 10, 2015

The Brighton Beat: Off We Go

BEST OF 2015

The Brighton Beat is an instrumental big band determined to get the crowd dancing with their mixture of Afrobeat, jazz and funk. Their second full-length Off We Go is a step up from their 2012 debut The Brighton Beat LP when it comes to dynamics, but they kept the live vibe intact.

With so many band members in the studio you need a sound guy with good ears and Joe DiGiorgi at Headline Studios, NY did an excellent job. He got a rock sound for Hit The Bricks, a widescreen cinematic feel for Summer Lullaby and put the percussion and brass up front for the two parts of Stand With The Herd. The bass gets a boost when the band goes funky, most notably in the title track.

Off We Go captures the band in full flight. Band leader Sammy Wags and his band of merry men can play as tight unit, with plenty of room for individuals or sections to commandeer the spotlights.

Sammy Wags: drums, additional keyboards and guitar
Ryan Hinchey: bass
Jon Bean: tenor sax
Mark Zaleski: alto, soprano, and baritone sax
Freddy Gonzalez: trombone, trumpet
Francesco Fratini: trumpet
Gabe Yonkler: baritone Sax
Mark Cocheo: guitar
Greg Schettino: guitar
Zach Kamins: keyboards
Patrick Dalton: congas
Matt Graff: shekere
Ryan Nava: shekere
Gust musicians
Stephen Malinowski: keyboards on "Hit The Bricks" and "Stand With The Herd - Part 2"
Assaf Gleizner: keyboards on "Stand With The Herd - Part 1"
Ben Teters: congas on "Stand With The Herd - Part 1"

Off We Go is a self-released album. Buy it from the band's website.

  1. Off We Go
  2. Green Monster
  3. Hit The Bricks
  4. Fortune Teller
  5. Fortune Told
  6. Stand With The Herd - Part 1
  7. Stand With The Herd - Part 2
  8. Red Orange
  9. Orange Sunshine
  10. Summer Lullaby

Live dates:
  • 02/14 Boston, MA @ Church of Boston
  • 03/05 Brooklyn, NY @ Shapeshifter Lab

» thebrightonbeat.com

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