February 24, 2015

Narco States: Wicked Sun

Minneapolis based psych-garage rockers Narco States made sure that Aaron Robertson's organ gets its place in the spotlights on their new album Wicked Sun. They look back to the Sixties underground as their main source of inspiration (Stooges, Doors), and also throw in the madness of The Cramps, the swagger of early Seventies Stones and bass lines nicked from Black Sabbath. It's dirty, it's sexy, it's dangerous.

Lead singer Michael MacBlane-Meyer features in many soccer moms nightmares, with a voice can't be drowned out by spacey organ parts, pounding drums and in-your-face guitar assaults. Wicked Sun is dark and foreboding, like good old rock 'n' roll should be.

Narco States:
Michael MacBlane-Meyer: vocals and guitar
Nathan McGuire: lead and acoustic guitars
Aaron Robertson: organ
09 99 Nick Sampson: bass
Justin DeRusha: drums and percussion

Wicked Sun is released on Piñata Records. Buy it (vinyl, digital) from their website.

  1. Lost In Time
  2. Mass Exodus
  3. The Architect
  4. Invasion
  5. Jekyll Meet Hyde
  6. Amputated
  7. End of the World
  8. Wicked Sun

Live dates:
  • 02/24 Turf Club, St. Paul, MN
  • 04/16 Crunchy Frog, Green Bay, WI

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