January 04, 2015

ZAPPATiKA w/ Jeff Hollie: live @ Qbus, Leiden, The Netherlands 2015/01/03

photo: HCTF

Anglo-Dutch tribute band ZAPPATiKA performed two sets of Frank Zappa music @ Qbus, Leiden, The Netherlands - 2015/01/03. Special guest: former Zappa sax player Jeff Hollie.

Zap McInnes: guitar, vocals
Tal Wilkins: guitar, vocals
Joep Oosterbaan: bass
Maarten van Zeijl: drums
Jeroen van Dam: percussion, vocals
Fred Händl: keyboards
Special guest:
Jeff Hollie: saxophone

Set 1:
  1. Crew Slut
  2. Cosmik Debris
  3. Chunga's Revente
  4. Lucille
  5. Stinkfoot
  6. I'm the Slime
  7. Zoot Allures >
  8. Whippin' Post
Set 2:
  1. City of Tiny Lites
  2. Outside Now
  3. My Guitar Wants to Kill Your Mama
  4. Broken Hearts are for Assholes
  5. Filthy Habits
  6. Ms. Pinky
  7. Camarillo Brillo >
  8. Muffin Man
  1. Black Napkins

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