January 11, 2015

Waterstrider: White Light

photo: Ginger Fierstein

Oakland indie band Waterstrider are working on their debut album. They have just released White Light as the first single. With triphop, West Coast psychedelica and the impressive range of singer Nate Salman on top of inventive percussion laid down by Brijean Murphy and Walker Johnson it will be a bit too much for the hipster latte crowd. Smart pop fans will sit up and take notice.

Nate Salman: vocals, guitar
Drew Brown: guitar, synth
Scott Brown: bass
Brijean Murphy: percussion
Walker Johnson: drums

White Light is a self-released single. Buy it from their website. It will be accompanied by Calliope as part of a AA side single to be officially released on January 29th.

» waterstridermusic.com

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