January 31, 2015

The Myrrors: Arena Negra

photo: Kevin Moynahan

The use of drones is alive and well in Tuscon, AZ. The Myrrors go all out on their new full-length Arena Negra, with four sprawling psychedelic post-rock compositions culminating in The Forward Path, a sidelong (20 minutes plus) about halfway early Pink Floyd and Can with the Akron/Family riding shotgun.

Arena Negra is like a maze: fascinating and frustrating. It's an endurance test that pays off in the end. With sax and clarinet acting as tumbleweeds on top of groundwork laid down by bass, wavering guitar and drums The Myrrors are like a bunch of strangers riding into town. Most of the citizens will hate them, but they will find a place to play for the open minded.

Arena Negra will be released thru Beyond Beyond Is Beyond Records. Release date: March 24th.

  1. Arena Negra
  2. Juanito Laguna Duerme Con Los Grillo
  3. Dome House Music
  4. The Forward Path: Emergence/Distant Traveller/Permanent Revolution

Live dates:
  • 02/13 Tucson, AZ @ Club Congress
  • 05/08 Austin, TX @ Carson Creek Ranch

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