January 27, 2015

Jumble Hole Clough: 202 Days

UK multi-instrumentalist Colin Robinson is a prolific man. Besides being a member of the avant-garde ensmebles Big Block 454 and Churn Milk Joan he operates as the one-man band Jumble Hole Clough. 202 Days is his ninth release in a little over two years and he didn't have to look far for inspiration. The landscape around Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire, a post industrial part of Britain with many remnants of abandoned factories and discarded artifacts, provided the blueprint for an album filled with captivating rhythms and eerie vocals embedded in eccentric funk, ambient post-rock, freak folk and the occasional outburst of a jazzy saxophone or a Zappa-esque guitar lick.

He played electric guitars, 6-string bass, voices, bamboo marimba, ocarina, bowed tumbi, paper, scissors, octave-divided post-horn, saxonet, bell tree, synthesisers, string synth, MC-202 micro-composer, tenor sax, soprano sax, The Thing, 1-string banjo, cimbala, Groove Box, sampler and looper. As a diehard DIY eccentric Robinson carves his own niche in the UK underground. Listeners might get lost in his musical wonderland. Maybe it's best to close your eyes and let the music guide you through Robinson's world. It may be scary, it may be soothing, but it's never boring.

202 Days is a self-released album. Buy it (pay-what-you-want) from his website. The album download includes the short film Homunculus at Staups Mill.

  1. Cocoa Palace Keeper (you nearly got your Christmas present early)
  2. Holmfirth Doll's Head Birthday
  3. Is this what you want?
  4. A hole in the air the exact same size and shape as you
  5. 202 Days
  6. The Ghost of Armley Mill
  7. The angle where two lines meet
  8. A Salon Bill
  9. The face that haunts your coffee table
  10. Gathering twigs to build an imaginary forest
  11. Homunculus at Staups Mill

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