January 09, 2015

Glossy Jesus: The Hunt

photo: Tess Janssen

In April 2013 Dutch art rock band Glossy Jesus were all set for the release party of their Cider For Breakfast, the forerunner for their fifth album The Hunt, when disaster struck. Singer and guitarist Maarten van den Hoonaard was run down by a car while riding his bike in his hometown Leiden. Getting a full recovery was a lengthy process and the band made the most of it by taking another look at the songs, deciding to do some rearranging and inviting guest players to add a bit of spice - smart move to have singer Tessa Douwstra (Orlando, Wooden Saints) on September.

The Hunt is a seamless musical jigsaw puzzle, switching from radio friendly rock (The Heat And The Cold War) to orchestrated pop (Sister Wine) and even a bit of funky blue-eyed soul (A Hello To Arms). Melancholy shines through in their lyrics - the concept of drinking Cider For Breakfast to drown out a serious bout of lovesickness may sound appealing, but it isn't a particularly bright idea. The new single Spent is a sad tale about a girl who falls in love with the wrong who will hurt her in the end, ignoring all the warning signs.

Glossy Jesus have delivered a carefully crafted album. They have succeeded in making complex music sound easy. Recommended if you like early Roxy Music, David Bowie, and Daryll-Ann.

Glossy Jesus:
Maarten Stuifbergen: piano, organ, vocals
Maarten van den Hoonaard: guitars, vocals
Xavier Baudet: bass, vocals, loops
Tiuri van der Drift: drums, percussion

The Hunt (CD, vinyl) will be distributed via Sonic Rendezvous. Release date: January 30.

  1. The Heat And The Cold War
  2. Cider For Breakfast
  3. A Hello To Arms
  4. Art Student
  5. September
  6. Like Chamberlain
  7. Sister Wine
  8. Paralyzed
  9. Stay In Pitch
  10. Spent
  11. Old Friends In New Situations

Live date:
  • 02/08 Amsterdam, The Netherlands @ Paradiso (album release party)

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