December 19, 2014

Virgin of the Birds: Winter Seeds

Jon Rooney is the CEO of one-man band Virgin of the Birds, a lo-fi project that is all about the song. The new full-length Winter Seeds is the culmination of his wanderings through the treasure troves of art rock, folk and of course Big Star, Nick Drake and Elliot Smith.

Rooney is a craftsman who knows that you need to polish things but that you need to keep a few rough spots as well. This collection of exquisite chamber-pop songs whispers softly "must have". Winter Seeds is a 101 for DIY musicianship. Resistance is futile.

Winter Seeds is available on vinyl and digital in the UK from Song, By Toad Records and in the USA from Abandoned Love Records.

  1. They Wake
  2. Let Me Be Your Bride
  3. Every Revelry
  4. Nine Sisters
  5. From Peking
  6. Love Comes from Centaurs
  7. The Serpent Plume
  8. Drunk on Grudges
  9. The Talisman and Siobhan

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