December 06, 2014

The Aristocrats: "Culture Clash Live" & "Secret Show: Live In Osaka" 01/20

Power fusion instrumental rock trio The Aristocrats will release their Culture Clash Live CD/DVD combo on January 20th. The songs were recorded during their extensive world tour. The final night of the Japanese leg of the tour will be available on the official 2CD bootleg Secret Show: Live In Osaka, exclusively at their webstore and live merchandise tables. First 1,000 units will be signed by the band.

Culture Clash Live CD Track Listing

  1. Sweaty Knockers (Whittier, CA, USA)
  2. Ohhhh Noooo (Whittier, CA, USA)
  3. Get It Like That (Whittier, CA, USA)
  4. Culture Clash (Whittier, CA, USA)
  5. Gaping Head Wound (Whittier, CA)
  6. Louisville Stomp (Manchester, UK)
  7. Desert Tornado (Bangkok, Thailand)
  8. Living The Dream (Zoetermeer, The Netherlands)

Culture Clash Live DVD Track Listing

  1. Furtive Jack (Tokyo, Japan)
  2. Ohhhh Noooo (Bangkok, Thailand)
  3. Lousville Stomp (Manchester, UK)
  4. Get It Like That (Tokyo, Japan)
  5. Culture Clash (Bangkok, Thailand)
  6. Blues Fuckers (Mexico City, MX)
  7. Gaping Head Wound (Mexico City, MX)
  8. Desert Tornado (Bangkok, Japan)
  9. Living The Dream (Zoetermeer, The Netherlands)

Secret Show: Live In Osaka Track Listing


  1. Introduction
  2. Furtive Jack
  3. Sweaty Knockers
  4. Ohhhh Noooo
  5. Get It Like That
  6. Culture Clash


  1. Flatlands
  2. Parental Advisory (pronounced "Blues Fuckers")
  3. Gaping Head Wound
  4. Twister (pronounced "Desert Tornado")
  5. Washed Passport (pronounced "Living The Dream")
  6. Erotic Cakes

The band will road test new material during a 4-night stand at the Alvas Showroom in San Pedro, CA, before entering the Sunset Sound Studios in Hollywood, CA to record their third studio album.

Live dates:

An European tour is likely to kick off in March 2015.


HCTF review of Culture Clash.

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