December 26, 2014

Low Society: You Can't Keep A Good Woman Down

Memphis blues quartet Low Society are the kind of band who don't settle for just carrying on the tradition. After they moved down South they quickly adapted to their new surroundings, but they kept their "don't fuck me" NYC attitude intact. With a larger than life lead singer like Mandy Lemons holding back is no option. Her husband Sturgis Nikides can wail on guitar like a pissed off banshee. Throw in hard hitting drummer Mike Munn and melodic baas player Nick Dodson and you have a recipe for steaming, screaming blues,

You Can't Keep A Good Woman Down is their sophomore full-length. Soundwise it's a big step up from their debut High Time. The delta blues of Memphis has bled into their setup: gritty, dirty, angry and sexy all rolled into one. Electric blues is about real feelings. It's raw and heartfelt and Low Society are so intense that the rest of the worlds fades into the background when they come howling from the speakers.

From the high energy of Crammed & Jammed and title track You Can't Keep A Good Woman Down to the NOLA vibe of Need Yer Love and the Peter Green inspired guitar work in the grumbling slow blues of This Heart Of Mine, this quartet only hits good notes about feeling bad. Besides their own material they do justice to Memphis Minnie classic Let Me Ride and Koko Taylor's Voodoo Woman. Play loud and educate the neighbours.

You Can't Keep A Good Woman Down was mixed at American Recording in Memphis by Will Danger and Sturgis Nikides. The album was mastered at Ardent studios by Larry and Kevin Nix, who got the equipment and the ears to get it right for a future vinyl release.

Low Society:
Mandy Lemons: vocals
Sturgis Nikides: electric slide & National Steel guitars, vocals
Nick Dodson: bass
Mike Munn: drums
Guest musicians:
Herman Green: sax
Rick Steff: organ, piano, accordion
John Shaw: piano on Let Me Ride
Brian Hawkins: harmonica, vocals
Lee Booth: vocals

You Can't Keep A Good Woman Down is released on Icehouse Records.

  1. Crammed & Jammed
  2. Voodoo Woman
  3. Need Yer Love
  4. Son House Says
  5. You Can't Keep A Good Woman Down
  6. This Heart Of Mine
  7. Up In Your Grave
  8. Let Me Ride
  9. No Money Down
  10. You Got A Right
  11. El Diablo
  12. Should've Known Better

Live dates:
  • 01/10 Little Rock, AR @ Midtown Billiards
  • 01/23 Memphis, TN @ The Cove

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