December 02, 2014

Black Sugar Transmission: Violent Muses

NYC dance glam rock band Black Sugar Transmission were put on hold for a bit when main man Andee Blacksugar traversed the globe as Peter Murphy's guitar ace. The songs for the new album Violent Muses have been mixed and are currently being mastered. It's not the finished product - mastering will take care of the balance and such, but even in its raw state this is an irresistible bunch of songs with pretty dark lyrics that can you can dance too.

Like its predecessor The Glamour Pantomime Blacksugar pays tribute to the Eighties, touching base with Duran Duran (Hey Wildflower), Let's Dance-era Bowie, Prince (Taboo could have been Around the World in a Day) and Madonna. Prepare to be scared by Solitaire, wowed by the Beach Boys meet the Dresden Dolls dark pop of To the Stars and freaked out by the slowed down heavy metal of Crave.

Black Sugar Transmission:
Andee Blacksugar: vocals, instruments, programming
Ava Farber: additional vocals throughout
John Clancy: drums on "Stripe", "Violent" & "Taboo", background vocals on "Violent"
Leon Gruenbaum: Samchillian solo on "Between The Notes"
Timo Ellis: drums on "Between the Notes"
Mike Hansen: drums on "Watch the Windows"
Adam James: bass on "Alexcafe"
Jimmy Lopez: exotic percussion throughout

Violent Muses is a self-released album. Tentative release date: February 2015. A few snippets can heard in the first studio report.

  1. Stripes
  2. Violent
  3. The World Is Yr Ashtray
  4. Hey Wildflower
  5. Taboo
  6. Between the Notes
  7. Solitaire
  8. To the Stars
  9. Muses Interlude
  10. God Loves War
  11. Monroe
  12. Crave
  13. Watch the Windows
  14. Alexcafe

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