November 26, 2014

UFly: Love Smugglers

Polish rock band UFly peddle mid-tempo mainstream arena rock. Their new album Love Smugglers won't hurt anybody's feelings, because a lot people won't even notice that it is playing.

They helped themselves to discarded riffs from U2 and Coldplay, going for the grandiose but they never get of the ground with their "fly rock". It all sounds familiar, but it lacks a spark. For Get Up they transferred the main theme from Depeche Mode's Personal Jesus from keyboard to guitar, but that didn't help much either. Dad rock for suburbanites who are dreaming about White Rain.

Maverick: vocals
Ratusz: drums
Seemoon: guitar
Piotr: bass
Qlhead: electronics

Love Smugglers is released thru My Music.

  1. Pocket Size Sun
  2. White Rain
  3. Eclipse
  4. Get Up
  5. Surrender
  6. Perfect Day
  7. Prisoner
  8. Cold
  9. Light On The Other Side
  10. Paradise
  11. Son Of The Road


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