November 03, 2014

Phish 2014 Fall tour SBD + torrents: Las Vegas 2014/11/02

Las Vegas LE posters by Drew Millward

MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, NV

Set 1:

  1. Runaway Jim
  2. Foam
  3. Mexican Cousin
  4. Ocelot
  5. Sugar Shack
  6. A Song I Heard the Ocean Sing
  7. Halfway to the Moon
  8. Bathtub Gin >
  9. Free
  10. Walls of the Cave
Set 2:
  1. Chalk Dust Torture [1]
  2. Piper >
  3. Theme From the Bottom >
  4. Wombat
  5. David Bowie
  6. The Line
  7. You Enjoy Myself
  1. The Moma Dance >
  2. Slave to the Traffic Light

Notes from
[1] Unfinished.
Mexican Cousin was played for the first time since June 19, 2012 (110 shows). Page teased Rhapsody In Blue at the end of Halfway to the Moon. Free, Walls of the Cave, Bowie and YEM all contained Martian Monster quotes. Chalk Dust was unfinished. Toward the end of the YEM jam, Trey picked up his megaphone and began using the siren on it as he ran around the stage, eventually coming to Mike and holding it up to the bass. Mike then put his bass down and began playing his fight bell with drum sticks while Trey went and started drumming along with Fishman. Eventually Mike and Page joined in, so that all four were playing on Fish's kit. Prior to Moma, Page thanked the audience and crew.

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