November 17, 2014

Marco Minnemann: "Douche" video

Watch the weird Marco Minnemann video for Douche. Read the story about how this song came to be:

OH DEAR. Yes indeed, the 'Douche' Song. Thank you Scott Schorr and his video team around Edward Aish for making a video to this bizarre piece of music off my new album EEPS.

So I guess I have to explain why 'Douche' happened. Well, late at night, after recording sessions for that very 'EEPS' album finished, I drove to my local Starbucks, ordering my drink of choice.

When I walked back to my car, I couldn't help but noticing the following scene:
Three baseball cap/wife beater wearing guys, about to get into a very low, and I mean the bottom of the vehicle almost touching the road kind of low, car...(if you want to call it that way)... Decorated with some sort of blue lights, and equipped with a massive subwoofer, rattling the license plate of that very automobile while in use... blasting some 4 on the floor kick drum and bass sounds at Spinal Tap's defined max volume '11' (very well audible in my car next to the douche fest , WITH windows being closed).

So I couldn't help, while sipping at my tea, looking over and mimicking (while nodding my head) to the word 'douche' on each quarter note to the beat they delivered so very well audible.

While then laughing at my own shitty joke there, this event somewhat left me inspired, to drive straight back home and record.....well.......THIS: forgive me

Minneman will perform with his band The Aristocrats in January and partake in the G4 Experience.


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