October 20, 2014

Todd Tobias: Impossible Cities

Dream up a city and write a song about it. Ohio experimentalist Todd Tobias created sixteen cities, each of them with a different character, but none of them is located somewhere sunny. Most dreams turned into nightmares. Tobias' Impossible Cities are scary places, with overflowing dumpsters and something nasty lurking tin the shadows, Stepford wives reinvented as zombies, the curtain dropped for the Truman Show to show a void, an abyss or a suburb that breeds school shooters.

Tobias is an explorer who invents his own paths when he has run out of real life ones. Using post-rock as his stepping stone he is a musical architect, using swirls of keyboards and repetitive rhythm to map out his blueprints. Impossible Cities is a captivating work that should be played at top volume before a meeting of the city council discussing ill-fated expansion schemes.

Impossible Cities will be released in Holland on Tiny Room Records. Release date: October 28th. The rest of the world can buy it from his website.

  1. Lamura
  2. Kur
  3. Pyrrus
  4. Somna
  5. Dravidia
  6. Gorgum Reeth
  7. Saz
  8. Kish
  9. Gagark
  10. Iranoi
  11. Auros
  12. Smazbaal
  13. Nargesh
  14. Wermol
  15. Epyminion
  16. Akrova

Impossible Cities 2
Preorders com with a CD-r of the companion EP Impossible Cities 2. Also available as a free download from his website.

  1. Ganjareen
  2. Jheggo
  3. Margool
  4. Arganthia
  5. Loa
  6. Bor
  7. Azymondia
  8. Jaqasta
  9. Yova
  10. Lamyrr

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