October 10, 2014

Little Person: EP

Leave it to Californians to come up with a fresh batch of sunny pop rock songs. San Francisco quartet Little Person have just released their debut EP. They look back to the Sixties as their main source of inspiration and sure enough they sing about trying to understand women.

Tambourines, walking bass lines, acoustic guitar and plenty of Oohs and Ahs in the background vocals. Fall is lurking outside, but throw this on and Summer is back in charge.

Little Person:
Nicky Weinbach: vocals, guitar, keyboards
Max Weinbach: vocals, guitar, keyboards
Waide Hicks: bass
Junki Kawasaki: drums

EP is a self-released. Buy it from their website.

  1. Sommeria
  2. Living in A Silhouette City
  3. Way Ahead Of The Apple
  4. She's One of A Kind

Live date:
  • 10/24 Bindlestiff Studio, SF Bay Area, CA

» littlepersonband.com

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