September 27, 2014

Jet Plane: Loud To Sleep

With a name like Jet Plane you'd expect high adrenaline, chest beating rock. The Russian post-rockers, based in Bryansk, peddle slow-moving instrumental post-rock with the band's resident multi-instrumentalist Igor Zyuzko filling out the sound with dabs of violin, bagpipes and Glockenspiel.

Building their songs on rhythm and flailing guitar lines they travel to hills and valleys, from towering crescendos to pastoral noodling. Fans of intricate textures and. While a lot of bands in this particular niche go for a dystopian vibe, Jet Plane's outlook on things is not that bleak. Inspired by the power of nature in general and the Russian winter in particular Loud To Sleep is an album that flows as a unity - one hour of exploration using drones, bits of traditional folk music, jazz and all out rock.

Jet Plane:
Sergey Sapunov: guitar
Maxim Berezko: guitar
Dmitriy Bulavintsev: drums
Konstantin Kiselev: bass
Igor Zyuzko: violin, shepherd's bagpipes, Glockenspiel

Loud To Sleep is released thru Ricco. Release date: October 7th.

  1. Laurel Trees/21 Guns
  2. Loud To Sleep
  3. Snow Rock
  4. Fog
  5. Sundog
  6. (You Can Hear Them) Whisper
  7. Whale

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