September 11, 2014

Frank Catalano w/ Jimmy Chamberlin, Percy Jones, Chris Poland & Adam Benjamin: Love Supreme Collective EP

John Coltrane's A Love Supreme is a landmark album, one of the indisputable peaks of jazz. Tenor sax player Frank Catalano pays tribute with the Love Supreme Collective EP, with a choice selection of fellow musicians: Jimmy Chamberlin (Smashing Pumpkins), Percy Jones (Brand X), Chris Poland (Megadeath) & Adam Benjamin (Kneebody).

Switching between free form improvisation and familiar licks and choruses (blink, and you'll miss 'em), the EP barrels down the street. No brakes or breaks the tracks go for the throat and the gut. The need for speed finally subsides in Psalm For John, the final track of the EP. After the percussive attack of Pursuance And Persistence it almost feels like a relief.

This is loud and abrasive jazz that wants to be heard. Listeners who dig the soft stuff that is playing in the background at art galleries or coffee bars will be scared shitless.

Frank Catalano: tenor saxophone
Jimmy Chamberlin: drums
Percy Jones: bass
Adam Benjamin: keyboards
Chris Poland: guitar

Love Supreme Collective is released on Ropeadope. Buy it from Frank Catalano's website. Release date: September 12.

  1. Acknowledgement Of Truth
  2. Resolution Of Purpose
  3. Pursuance And Persistence
  4. Psalm For John


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