September 03, 2014

Adventure Set: Gazebo

You can't be retro when you've been there. Adventure Set's Mark Pothier and Ken Scales made a comeback in 2011 after a 20 year hiatus, releasing a single and an EP. And then things got quiet again for a bit for the Boston electronic pop duo. They are back with Gazebo, a four-track EP featuring three originals penned by Pothier and s surprise cover of the Nirvana classic Come As You Are.

With their Eighties synth sound - with New Romantics vocals thrown in for good measure - they ride the coat tails of the current retro boom. Producer/mixer Stephen George helped them out with the recording in his Gimme That Sound Studio in upstate New York, adding a Depeche Mode meet the Pet Shop Boys gloss.

Gazebo can be filed under guilty pleasures. Cheesy at times, but with earworm quality. Don't miss the shout out to David Bowie's Five Years in Witness.

Gazebo is a self-released EP. Buy it from their website.

  1. Witness
  2. Cellophane
  3. Paper Cut
  4. Come As You Are

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