August 23, 2014

DAWA: This Should Work

Austrian acoustic folk rock quartet DAWA are the kind of band who will be playing on the smaller stages at Summer festivals, but who will sell all their merchandise to those who took the trouble to check them out. What's not to like about a band with luscious harmonies, a sad cello and a cajón to take care of the bottom end?

They named their new album This Should Work and it does. The upbeat Relief and Social Suicide have written live favorite all over them. Old school folkies will embrace Frei and Revolution. Recommended if you like the Walkabouts and Richard Thompson.

John Dawa: vocals, guitar
Barbara Wiesinger: vocals, percussion
Laura Pudelek: cello
Norbert Kröll: cajón, glockenspiel, percussion

This Should Work is a self-released album. CD: Las Vegas Records. Digital: iTunes.

  1. Some Things are different
  2. Take a breath
  3. Relief
  4. Roll the Dice
  5. India
  6. Social Suicide
  7. Frei
  8. Sepia toned Memories
  9. Revolution
  10. Losing Ground
  11. First One


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