August 19, 2014

Bella Loka: Escape

photo: Auxphoto

Tea & David Boothby are Bella Loka, an electropop based in Camden Town, London. Tea writes all their stuff and sings, plays guitar & piano, while David takes care of the guitar and arranging. They crowdfunded their debut EP Escape, raising enough money to record at Abbey Road Studios with in-house producers Rob Cass & Pearse MacIntyre.

Escape is mostly mainstream pop with an electronic twist, with hints of Soft Cell, Yazoo and Propaganda. The vocals could have used less effects and studio wizardry, but the back beat is irresistible. Bella Loka shows lots of potential, and are likely to appeal to the general public who will dig Alive). Music buffs will give the thumbs up to the haunting Where Are All The Ladies?

Escape is a self-released EP. Eelease date: September 2nd.


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