July 13, 2014

Shape Of Colour: Alive

A lot of hardcore is just a guy screaming above the messy mayhem played by his fellow band members. Shape Of Colour from Lahti, Finland is - warts an all - pretty tight. All songs on their Alive were recorded live to capture the excitement and save some money on recording costs as an added bonus. The lyrics are rather corny however. "United we stand, united we fall" and raving about the need to save yourself is rather boring. Find a wordsmith with more ambition and their mash-up of trash metal and even a bit of progressive rock and pop might make it to the next level.

Shape Of Colour:
Janne Nurminen; vocals
Markus Ikävalko; guitar, backing vocals
Wiku Wikström: guitar
Jani Zerlik: bass
Henri Nordman: drums

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