July 04, 2014

Knarsetand: My Escape

photo: Hanneke Wetzer

Dutch dectet Knarsetand have made this year's ultimate Summer album. My Escape mixes drums 'n' bass, techno, trance, latin, gypsy, ska and a few invented on the spot genres. Somehow it all fits. It is a seamless sonic jigsaw puzzle, with the brass section and singer Miou Amadée leading the way.

While most party record fall flat in a home environment My Escape comes howling from the speakers, turning the living room into a sunny, crowded festival ground. Recommended if you like MK Groove Orchestra, DeVotchKa and Mano Negra.

Martijn Holtslag: producer, percussion, dubstep wobbles, synths, vocals
Miou Amadée: vocals
Tom van Sadelhoff: drums
Pim Kokkeler: guitar
Anne-Maarten van Heuvelen: basses
Arjan Houwers: keys, dubstep wobbels, synths
Tom van Sadelhoff: drums
Daniel van Loenen: 1st trombone & horn arrangements
Lorenzo Lorenzoni: 2nd trombone
Erik van der Heijden: trumpet
Pieter van Houte: bariton, alt saxophone, clarinet

My Escape is a self-released album. Buy it from their website.

  1. my escape
  2. no importa
  3. realise paradise
  4. ignite them in the rain
  5. gypsy parade
  6. too much
  7. voices in my head
  8. insomnia
  9. flying away

Dutch live dates:
  • 07/06 Popcity, Drachten
  • 07/19 Spijkerrok, Arnhem
  • 07/20 Werfpop, Leiden
  • 08/02 Geuzenpop, Enschede
  • 08/09 Ell Nino Festival, Ell
  • 08/16 Zomerparkfeest Venlo
  • 08/20 Cultuurfeest Universiteit Nijmegen @ LUX, Nijmegen
  • 08/30 Noorderzon, Groningen
  • 09/06 Cultura Nova, Heerlen
  • 09/07 Parkparade, Doetinchem
  • 09/20 Breda Barst w/ King Dalton, Breda
  • 10/15 ADE (Melkweg oude zaal), Amsterdam
  • 10/17 Atak, Enschede
  • 10/25 Keifestival, Lichtenvoorde
  • 11/21 Nieuwe Nor, Heerlen

» knarsetand.nl

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