July 19, 2014

Charlie Savigar: Get In Line

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London country rock singer Charlie Savigar has a soft spot for the Seventies. The title track of her Get In Line lifts a guitar vignette from 10CC's Goodmorning Judge and Francis Rossi (Status Quo) lends a hand playing guitar on Save Your Love.

Savigar got herself a Bachelor of Music from City University London, but decided that she liked country rock music better than Chopin and Schubert. She managed to transfer the Nashville vibe to the Big Smoke and added the quintessentially English sense for boogie and shuffle to equation.

She names Bonnie Raitt as a major influence, but Savigar has the voice and the swagger to carve her own niche. Country as a genre has been struggling in the States and once again it's up to the Brits to teach the Americans about their musical heritage, giving them a shot of Adrenaline.

Charlie Savigar: vocals, guitar and piano
Daren Callow: electric guitar and backing vocals
Alex Lofoco: bass
Haydn Callow: drums
Francis Rossi: guitar on Save Your Love
Bridget Goodwin: brass on Save Your Love
Michael Kruk: drums on Save Your Love
Nicholas Rossi: bass on Save Your Love
Allen Sassani: bass on Long Way Home
Adam Wedd; guitar on Long Way Home
Marc Wyburn: violin on Following The Signs

Get In Line is a released via The Animal Farm. Buy it on CD from her website. Digital via iTunes.

  1. Get in Line
  2. Save Your Love
  3. When Will You Learn
  4. Following the Signs
  5. What's Your Name?
  6. Superbad
  7. Adrenaline
  8. Sell by Date
  9. Long Way Home
  10. Dance

UK live dates:
  • 08/09 The Leather Bottle, Earlsfield
  • 08/12 Attleborough Liberal Club, Nuneaton
  • 08/23 Three Lions, Godalming
  • 11/30 The Beerhouse, Bury St Edmunds

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