July 01, 2014

cecilia::eyes: Disappearance

Adventurous ambient post rock can do without vocals. Brussels based quintet cecilia::eyes has found a way to incorporate drones into tense and terse slow melodies. Fronted by a three-man guitar army they wave tapestries of sound on their new album Disappearance, an apt title for a collection of songs to get lost in.

This an afterhours album to indulge in while having one last drink and nodding appreciatively. Please shut up while it plays or the subtle nuances will be wasted on you.

Christophe Thys: guitars
Mike Colart: guitars
Gauthier Vilain: guitars
Xavier Waerenburgh: drums, keyboards
Pascal Thys: bass

Disappearance is a self-released album. Buy it from their website. Also available as a very limited edition (50 copies) combo of Vinyl + CD + digital download + signed picture.

  1. Bellflowers
  2. Lord Howe Rise
  3. Loreta (CD)
  4. Swallow the key
  5. Default Descent
  6. Isolated Shower (CD)
  7. Reign

» ceciliaeyes.be

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