June 07, 2014

Children Of The Stones: MCM

Children Of The Stones are on a roll. Mark Van Hoen (Black Hearted Brother, Seefeel, Locust, Scalla) and Martin Maeers, the electronic shoegaze dream team, have put together the MCM EP featuring the resurrected monster track MCMXCII. It was transferred from a DAT tape that was made in 1992. They applied some sonic surgery to meet current day standards, but they kept the Nineties vibes, all 27 minutes of them. It's a sonic travel through times and moods, a trip visiting familiar places and uncharted territories.

The EP is filled out with two reworked tracks. The remix of Save Me for Lilies on Mars, the recording project of Lisa Masia and Marina Cristofa, is most accessible for the uninitiated.

MCM is released on Saint Marie Records.

  1. Even Within (edit)
  3. Save Me

» markvanhoen.com
» Martin Maeers on Twitter

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