May 25, 2014

Vie Jester: Cognisense

Vie Jester are a progressive hard rock trio from Pasadena. They recorded debut EP Cognisense at Revolution 9 Studios in Hollywood with Danny Balistocky behind the mixing desk. Going for a big sound a la Tool and Muse they laid down three tracks. They aim high, mixing elements of math rock and straight up metal.

Focusing on dynamics and well-served in harmonics Cognisense packs a punch. Add top shelf lyrical diversity, ranging from politics to the long-standing hard rock fascination for esoterics and this trio should outgrow the underground pretty damn fast.

Vie Jester:
Kyle Guerrero: vocals, guitar
Cliff Gonway: drums, vocals
Justin Lepisto: bass

Cognisense is a self-released EP. Buy it from iTunes & GooglePlay.

  1. Manifest
  2. Players of Paradox
  3. Humanity

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