May 27, 2014

High on Stress: Leaving MPLS

Minneapolis alternative country rockers High on Stress have called it quits. Leaving MPLS is their last album. The influence of The Replacements still looms large, and they added quit a bit of Wilco to the equation in tracks like Gimme Truth and Windy City Endings.

With their demise one of the rare garage bands that wasn't afraid to take risks while retaining a consistent high quality of material is no more. Don't be a surprised when a box set with their full back catalog hits the shops in about ten years from now.

High on Stress:
Nick Leet: vocals, guitar
Mark Devaraj: drums
Jim Soule: bass guitar, backing vocals
Chad Wheeling: guitar, organ

Leaving MPLS is a self-released album. Buy it from CD Baby.

  1. Chase the Ghost
  2. Windy City Endings
  3. Quit While We're Behind
  4. Gimme Truth
  5. Leaving MPLS
  6. Two's a Crowd
  7. Enjoy the Scenery
  8. Broken Cars Under a Red Sky
  9. Sunday Morning Somehow
  10. What Will Someday Be


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