May 08, 2014

Gambardellas: Ashes

photo: Zoe Vincenti

Alternative rock trio Gambardellas look back to the Seventies on their new EP Ashes. Part glam and heavy metal they go for the grandiose and the slightly macabre.

Cutting the haunted house organ intro from title track Ashes to get some airplay might be a smart commercial move, but the song feels curtailed without it and the nice touch of the organ in the background for the remainder of the song doesn't make much sense any more. If they want to make an impression on the airwaves they should have gone for the catchy One In a Million or the funky blues tune Devils. The EP closes with their cover of The Black Keys' I Got Mine, rearranged as slow moving stoner rock piece with a Black Sabbath arrangement.

Mauro Gambardella: vocals, drums, percussion
Glenda Frassi: guitars, backing vocals
Grethel Frassi: backing vocals, keys, percussion

Ashes is a self-released EP. Buy it from their website.

  1. ashes
  2. one in a million
  3. devils
  4. i got mine

Live dates:
  • 05/09 Glu Glu Club, Vercelli, Italy
  • 05/16 La Centrale, Pisa, Italy
  • 05/17 Vox, Arluno, Italy
  • 05/23 Il Circolo, Mariano Comense, Italy
  • 05/24 Rock Town, Cordenons, Italy
  • 05/30 Capita Cafè, Montichiari, Italy
  • 06/13 Pork Factor, Concordia, Italy
  • 07/06 Somenfest, Ome, Italy
  • 07/31 Przystanek Woodstock Festival, Poland
  • 08/14 Festa Democratica, Villadossola, Italy


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