May 14, 2014

David Byrne: "From The Archives: Music" opens with "Sympathy For The Devil"

David Byrne has a huge archive and his Todomundo! archivist Jasper Berg has dug a cover of the Rolling Stones' Sympathy For The Devil, Montreal 1992 for the initial installment of From The Archives: Music. The track was recorded in Montreal, during the Uh-Oh tour of 1992.

I covered Sympathy For The Devil on a tour I did in '92 with a large latin funk band. It was a late addition to the set list. This mix sounds like a board mix or maybe a monitor mix. Why did we do this? Because we could! We had a band lineup that could rock this tune... so why not? We did it as an encore number, which is where these oddball unexpected covers sometimes land. The lyrics (I had to research the real lyrics) are sometimes absolutely brilliant, sometimes silly (the Stones playing at being bad boys) and sometimes completely nonsensical. I covered Keith's guitar solo as best I could. You can hear the audience doing the "woo wooh's" in the 1st verse!
You'll notice I go into a "funny" voice about two-thirds through for certain lines. I was trying to sing like Goofy, the Disney character. Why? Well, there actually was a reason, though maybe not one good enough to justify how weird this sounds. I have long believed that the devil, should one exist, would not be some scary guy, but someone who sweetly perverts our better natures by more surreptitious means... and for me, Disney is the perfect example of that, with maybe the Olsen Twins as his consorts. So, following that logic, Goofy (the "harmless" clown minion) would be the perfect one to suggest we have some "sympathy" for the devil.

NYC 2014


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  1. The rhythm fits him so well.Satan respects him.