April 01, 2014

John Frusciante: new album "Enclosure" goes into orbit

Reinier Baas
photo: Nabil

On April 8th, 2014, Record Collection will release Enclosure, the 11th full-length album from John Frusciante. And they've dreamed up a stunt to get some traction for this release, sending the album into orbit on the Sat-JF14. They've launched an app to listen for free on your smartphone once the satellite is passing over the listeners' geographic region.

On March 29th, 2014, ENCLOSURE was loaded onto an experimental Cube Satellite called Sat-JF14 and launched into space aboard an Interorbital Systems’ NEPTUNE Modular Rocket.

Beginning today, March 31st, fans from around the world can download the free, custom-built Sat-JF14 mobile application which will enable users to track Sat-JF14’s movement in real time. When Sat-JF14 hovers over a users’ geographic region, ENCLOSURE will be unlocked, allowing users to listen to the album for free on any iOS or Android mobile device. Sat - JF14 also supports an integrated social chat platform giving fans the ability to communicate with one another after listening to the music. The album preview will last until midnight on April 7th, at which point Sat-JF14 will cease transmission.

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