April 28, 2014

Hannibal Montana: 28​-​20 EP

Ben Backus, Lucas Brode and Eric Castillo are Hannibal Montana, an instrumental post-rock trio from New York. They throw in progressive licks and quite a bit of math rock on their 28​-​20 EP. While most band in their niche tend to be heavy handed there's an air of laissez-faire to their material. The soft chill-out vibe A Lie I Used To Tell sit comfortable next to the rollercoaster ride of Tales From the Cryptic, which sounds like King Crimson in their Red phase.

They are a tight band who are adamant to play what they want. A&R guys will give up on them, but they will be embraced by avant-garde aficionados who are into Mogwai and Sonic Youth.

The 28​-​20 EP is self-released. Buy it from their website.

  1. 28-20: You Missed It, Honey!
  2. A Lie I Used To Tell
  3. Tales From the Cryptic
  4. X
  5. 12 Syllables

Live dates:
  • 05/20 Brooklyn, NY @ The Grand Victory (w/ Eidetic Seeing)
  • 06/12 Brooklyn, NY @ Muchmore's (w/ Infinien, Ishmael, Girls & God)

» hannibalmontana.com

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