April 03, 2014

Dirty Deep: Shotgun Wedding

French one man blues band Dirty Deep can get louder than a lot of full bands. His second full-length Shotgun Wedding is about booze, trouble and women - the trifecta of this kind of music for more than a century. It's good old basic 12-bar blues, delivered with passion and gusto. He nods to Rory Gallagher by way of Willie Dixon and Blind Willie Johnson, whose treatment of John the Revelator gets a fast paced update. He can tell story by dropping into a pissed-off rant (Midnight Bus) or by getting rough, angry and hoarse for a foot tapping blues stomper (She's A Devil Inside.)

Recommended if you like Low Society and Bacon Fat Louis.

Shotgun Wedding is released on CD thru Hell Prod. Digital via iTunes.

Live dates:
  • 04/04 Cheval Blanc, Balagny Sur Therain, France
  • 04/05 La Guimbarde, Saint Hilaire Du Harcouët, France
  • 04/06 chaland qui passe, Binic, France
  • 04/08 Rocksound, Barcelona, Spain
  • 04/09 celtic pub, Tarbes, France
  • 04/12 Overblitz - le domaine, Altkirch, France
  • 04/18 Sport’s Café, Colmar, France
  • 04/19 Molodoï, Strasbourg, France
  • 05/02 pisteur d'étoiles, Obernai, France
  • 05/03 Showcase Leclerc, Altkirch, France
  • 05/06 Laiterie, Strasbourg, France
  • 05/16 Barfly, Montreal, Canada
  • 05/24 l'Humour des Notes, Hagenau, France
  • 05/31 BMX trail Jam, Saintes, France
  • 06/28 Festival des Soupapes, Charquemont, France
  • 07/04 Caf' Conc', Bartenheim, France
  • 07/18 cult' urban, Dannemarie, France
  • 08/01 Binic Folk Nlues festival, Binic, France
  • 08/09 Tous au Jus, Medis, France
  • 08/14 Celebration Days festival, Cernoy, France

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