March 25, 2014

Wolf Solent: Lifeboat EP

UK multi-instrumentalist Danny Trew Barton made a name for himself playing guitar in underground lo-fi bands like The Illness and White Firs. The Lifeboat EP, his first outing as a solo artist, was recorded in the comfort of his own home. With the prominent fuzzy acoutic guitar and distorted vocals the songs hark back to the psychedelic garage rock underground - the 13th Floor Elevators having a party with The Jesus and Mary Chain.

Clocking in at 15 minutes for seven short tracks - the instrumental In Stutter takes only 41 seconds, but all of them count - the EP packs a punch that is missing from many full albums. It highly likely that it will turn up in the lost gems section of collectors magazines like Goldmine in the not too distant future. Beautiful noise drenched in melody and vice versa.

Wolf Solent: Lifeboat EP

The Lifeboat EP is released om Sea Records. Limited edition CD (150 copies) in silkscreen sleeve.

  1. T.V. Glow
  2. Due
  3. Get On
  4. In Stutter
  5. Ac TY
  6. Windmill
  7. Red Radio

Live date:
  • 04/09 Kosmonaut, Manchester (free show)


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