March 17, 2014

Ravens Ballroom: Rain Dance

Swagger and hooks. Ravens Ballroom, a progressive rock trio from Livingston, NJ, have plenty of both. The band's debut EP Rain Dance channels Steve Winwood, Big Star and even a bit of The Bangles. The husband and wife songwriting unit Matthew and Simi Ravens is completed by drummer Jon Rosenbaum.

They like to change pace mid-song, with the vocals keeping it together. Fat Cat Sinner is pushed forward by a tugging guitar, Simi Ravens throws in a B52's backing vocal, and there's a snippet of slide lifted from Chris Isaac. The radio edit of standout track L'Anima lost it menacing boogie (or is it bogey) part with double-tracked guitar. Let's hope that there are DJs out there who have the balls to play album cuts.

Ravens Ballroom:
Matthew Ravens: vocals, guitar, keys
Simi Ravens: vocals, bass, percussion
Jon Rosenbaum: drums

Rain Dance is a self-released EP. Buy it from the band's website.

  1. Riptide
  2. Fat Cat Sinner
  3. L'Anima
  4. Paper Doll Lou
  5. Hold Me Down
  6. Space Time Wave
  7. L'Anima (radio edit)


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