March 05, 2014

Galapaghost: Dandelion

Galapaghost is the brainchild of singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Casey Chandler. The new full-length Dandelion was recorded during his stay in Italy in 2012. It's a gentle folk album mostly - the loud guitar in Smile comes a surprise, and the focus is on the vocals.

Chandler can be funny in tracks like I'm A Zombie For You!, but he is an observer first capable of capturing a life story in a couple minutes (Isabelle). And he find new ways to breathe life into the tired genre of the love song with Under The Willow Tree and the superior Trembling Happiness - only six lines of poetic, heartfelt lyrics sung by Giovanna Rostagno.

After finishing the album Chandler has packed his bags again. He is in Brussels right now, contemplating his next move as a travelling musician.

Casey Chandler: acoustic guitar, ukulele, vocals, piano, synths, bass, glockenspiel, harmonica, percussion
Ru Catania: electric guitar, lap steel guitar, bass, backing vocals, percussion
Federico Puttilli: acoustic guitar, electric guitar, lap steel guitar, backing vocals, percussion
Mattia Barbier: drums
Giovanna Rostagno: backing vocals

Galapaghost: Dandelion

Dandelion is released thru Lady Lovely. Release date; March 10.

  1. Rosie
  2. Under The Willow Tree
  3. Let Your Heart Be
  4. I'm A Zombie For You!
  5. Dandelion
  6. Vermin
  7. Smile
  8. Isabelle
  9. Trembling Happiness
  10. Solemn
  11. Goodnight Moon


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