March 13, 2014

Andee Blacksugar: Joe Mitch & Hans Werksman in Bb

How many music bloggers have a tune named after them? Watch Andee Blacksugar perform Joe Mitch & Hans Werksman in Bb:

Again this week I asked my Facebook friends to call out a key and tempo, with the promise that I'd write/record/film/upload a piece of guitar music using those parameters the same night, and name it after the first respondent(s). Joe Mitch called the tempo (150bpm) and Hans Werksman the key (B-flat major). Here it is!

Features the usual gear (my custom, DiMarzio-loaded Blacksugar Strat, Fractal Audio AFX2, Eventide Pitchfactor, various other pedals and Cubase 5). Everything was recorded direct!

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  1. Hello Hanz! lovely blog ! Keep up the good work! It's really nice that we share the same passion for music.

    Oh! and if you have time, maybe you can also check out my Article about the B Sharp sign, here's the link to it:

    Let me know what you think.