February 14, 2014

Quiet as a Mouse: "Casketcase" b/w "Dandelion Tea"

Edinburgh based alt-rock foursome Quiet as a Mouse are following the trail that was made by bands liek The Jesu and Mary Chain and The Pixies. Their new single with the loud > quiet > loud fuzzy feedback Casketcase and the gentle acoustic Dandelion Tea (leave it to Brits to write a song about that) is a badly needed a new lease on life. In years Alex Moran might be considered to be the Scottish answer to Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys.

Quiet as a Mouse:
Alex Moran: vocals & guitar
Kevin Turner: bass guitar & vocals
Steve Allen: lead guitar & vocals
Graham Longbottom: drums

Live dates:
  • 02/22 Broadcast (Supporting The Orwells), Glasgow
  • 03/28 Sneaky Pete's Supporting Coasts, Edinburgh

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